Monday, March 24, 2014

My Future

So I have been thinking a lot about details of the future, like what my house will be like, where it will be, who I will marry, my kids, and things such as that. I shall tell you about it.

My house will be a small one story house by the beach in Brighton. I will be married to a sweet guy who loves me. I will Have two kids, a twin boy and girl. The Girl will Have My Curls And eyes and my son will look just like his father but short, like me. I will work at a childrens clothing store, or I will be a teacher. We will live right next to the beach. I will have a kitten and a cute dog (not a puppy). We will Be friends with all of our neighbors and be on a name bases with people at shops and resturaunts.

Oh, My Poor Poor Dream Life, It Will Never Happen

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